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Give your employees the mental health support they need

by Rackley Nolan

As a company, your greatest assets are your people, but how do you make sure that they are resilient enough to deal with the stress and challenges that their jobs and their lives throw at them?

Bravely for business is our way to work with you to provide your employees the tools and support they need to overcome life’s challenges. Our app has been built to provide evidence based resources, practical advice and useful insights to help your people grow and develop.

We have spent months developing a tool that is jammed full of value to help everyone with their mental health. This isn’t just an app for breathing exercises or positive messages, this is the foundation for your people to grow. With easy to digest, short content, we have spent days reading the best research articles and therapy textbooks to bring you mental health tools that can really make a difference.

The Bravely app has been built to help each of your staff to improve and grow, but we also offer additional services to help you take the well-being of your workplace to the next level. With expertise in research and staff surveys, we can produce snapshot reports of your staff’s wellbeing to keep you informed of the mood in your workplace. We also enjoy running workshops and discussion sessions on mental health, with basic topics that can help to reduce stigma and explore better ways to help your team work more effectively, as individuals and with each other.

With lost productivity, days off and interpersonal difficulties draining your company — Bravely has the strategies to bring positive change to your people.

To find out more you can check out our webpage and send us a message, we want to hear about your specific challenges and how we can help you.

Written By

Rackley Nolan

As a founder of Bravely, Rackley is keen to see more people discussing and engaging with mental health around the world, he enjoys working on a Bravely with the goal to bring better mental health resources to more people.

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