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A happier & healthier mind at your fingertips

Your holistic and evidence-based approach to improving your mental health

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Why Bravely?

A mental healthcare approach — made simple. Made for you.

Mental health matters shouldn’t be daunting, dry or beyond your reach. We believe the best way to take care of your mental wellbeing is with something that’s human, smart, user-friendly and above all else, accessible no matter who you are.

What is Bravely?

Holistic and evidence-based,
Bravely is built for the world we live in today.


Learn to soothe overwhelming emotions, anytime and anywhere

Whether you’re at home or work, at midday or midnight, Bravely is your safe space to access, always. With Calm, learn tried-and-tested tools on how to handle distressing emotions and help yourself beat anxiety — whenever you need.

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Understand the impact of your surroundings and habits on you

What’s around you and what you do all impact your mental health. Bravely’s Climate combines data from you and your device with dozens of research studies to help you gain insights into what can make you happier and healthier.

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Self-care kit

A daily self-care kit curated to your needs

What self-care you need is different everyday. Bravely’s self-care kits are curated daily in response to your mental health climate. Filled with helpful content and strategies, your self-care kit will help you to successfully take on your day.

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Gather everything useful in one place

Helpful ideas can come from many places — whether it's Bravely's guide for better sleep or anxiety resources from elsewhere. Together with curated Bravely kits, pull everything useful together in one dedicated spot so you have all the tools and resources you need with you, always.

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And more to come…

Help us build something that truly helps you.

On-demand access for anyone

Taking care of your mental health shouldn’t only start at your doctor’s office. Get on-demand access to bite-sized content that teaches you how take on your stress, anxiety or depression.

Holistic and data-driven

Therapy is only one tool in the battle against mental health problems, yet it’s the only widely available one. We bring together resources and your data into one place for a holistic and data-driven solution.

Built on science and evidence

Our collection of resources come from research studies and evidence-based methods such as CBT, DBT, Positive Psychology and more. Our content library is vetted by licensed psychologists.


Mental health can be a sensitive topic. We’ve taken steps to keep your data private with additional PIN and biometrics security. All data is kept anonymous.

Secured end-to-end

We believe your data should help only you. Bravely only uses your data to make your experience better and is kept encrypted end-to-end, and never shared.

Made with love and empathy

Bravely is made by people who know what it’s like to struggle with our mental health. Our vision is uncompromising. We take care to do things right by you.

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If you’re in crisis or a life threatening situation, Bravely is not the right solution. Please use these resources to get immediate help.